The bedroom is a space that inside the house which we spend the most time in.  Weather its good or not, like it or not, but we need to sleep to be able to function So,  why we don't make it our personal haven with the use of interior design or interior  decorating.  Whenever we think of decorating a room, he must first have a look or theme in  mind. So everything from furniture, layout, color schemes, fabric, window displays to  lighting or accessories should revolve around that. Here are some ideas modern  bedroom.  Paint the walls gray, earth tones are normal rainbow colors. Place a round bed of  brown Italian leather sun in the center of the room. Hang five mirrors of different shapes  on the wall behind his bed. Place a glass shelf while looking on the bed and decorate  with a plant. Keep smooth leather seats as chairs of study each side of the crystal table.  Use the tapestry of gray or brown for this room, and modern room is ready.  The wall color can set the best atmosphere of the room. It is necessary to choose  colors that have a calming effect on your vision and spirit. soothing colors such as  cream-colored pastel green, light blue, cream, pastel pink and could make you feel at  ease and helps them sleep. When the size of the room is small as these colors can  make it more spacious. To decorate the walls, apply bright colors as accents, red,  yellow or orange in it. 
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