Interior Designing.  If you need help in designing the interior of your home we can offer our  customers plans and advice on furniture layouts and decoration ideas. Full  furnishing solutions - from style advising of hard furniture, soft furniture,  accessorizing is professionally coordinated and styled by our interior designer.      Free Delivery & Assembly.  All purchases are delivered free of charge as per the schedule of our delivery  team. Experienced technicians will assemble the furniture at no extra charge.     Maintenance & Repair.  Dimensions offer to its customers a Maintenance / Repair Service within a  reasonable time after purchase. Just call your sales representative and our  technicians and they will explain you the conditions applicable.     Services We are not just selling what we display. We always committed to offer value added services to our clients. General Information and Quick tips  Clocks are Tops  Need a gift for newlyweds or a new home? Whether designed for a wall or to grace a shelf or table top, there's nothing like  clocks to mark a big event. Today's looks include familiar classical styles, marvelous Retro themes and whimsical styles with a  youthful feel.   How Deep Is Your Rug? To find out what size rug you need, consider function, floor space and furnishings. In dining areas, sit in a chair a comfortable  distance from the table. Measure the space from the back of the chair to the table, add an extra six to eight inches for "scooting room"  and look for a rug that will be bigger than the size of the table plus this extra distance on all sides. This way, chair legs will never  dangle off the edge of the rug and make eating a wobbly woe. If you plan to add a rug to a living room, arrange all of the furnishings  before measuring your rug space. Measure the space you want to place the rug and adjust the sizing so the rug does not end in front  of any furnishings.   On Target Off-Whites Eggshell, cafe au lait, ivory and porcelain are not often easy to discriminate with the naked eye. To help select the perfect  neutral for your decor, gather paint swatches and strips and cut each shade into a loose square. On a sheet of white poster board,  arrange and rearrange the squares and analyze how your favorite shades look not only against the white background, but next to  similar shades. If possible, set a color-selection station next to a window in the room you want to paint. Move your materials to various  spots in the room, so you can test how the shade looks in different intensities of light before you decide on your favorite hue.   Spring Cleaning Expand your living space by getting organized and getting rid of clutter. Donate excess dishware, toys and clothing to local  charities or pack them in clearly labeled boxes and stow them in an attic or basement. Install shelves in the kitchen or den for utensils  and knickknacks, so they are out of the way yet still in sight. A shelf near the front door is a handy spot for keeping items that need  immediate attention, such as overdue library books or outgoing mail. Avoid build-up by immediately sorting and tossing anything you  don't need.   Crayon Be Gone When crayon art jumps outside the lines and onto your painted or washable wallpapered walls, use a multi-purpose lubricating  oil to make the misplaced Monets disappear. Spray the oil directly on the spot, then use a clean cloth to wipe the crayon away. For  added cleansing power, dab a damp sponge in baking soda and rub lightly on the mark. Once the crayon is gone, rid walls of residue  by sponging them with a mixture of one or two drops of liquid dishwashing soap and one cup of water. Dry with a clean cloth.   Everything Under the Sun? Want new furniture and home accessories to last? Keep them away from your windows! Printed cottons or silks are especially  susceptible to sun fading. Always keep these delicate fabrics far from direct sunlight. In especially bright rooms, simply try closing  curtains during the hours of peak sun exposure. Even with the best fabrics and leathers, fading and wear are inevitable. Another tip:  flip cushions and pillows, allowing fabrics to age evenly and gracefully.   Smoke and Mirrors Trying to work with a small space? Accentuate architectural details or a prized piece of furniture by placing a mirror on the  opposite wall. It gives the impression of an expanded room, while doubling the visual impact of something you love. Use the same  trick to replicate a favorite view within your room. It's great Feng Shui and increases positive energy throughout the space.   Flip your mattresses! A quick lesson in mattress maintenance that proves very valuable: your mattress needs to be flipped - at the very least - four  times a year. (Some manufacturers recommend monthly, especially if you regularly sit on the edge of your mattress.) This will ensure  the most even wear for a comfortable fit for years to come. Of course, if you're still tossing and turning the night away, it may be time  for an entirely new mattress. Remember, as idealistic as it may seem, doctors still recommend an uninterrupted, eight hours of sleep  every night.   They Might Be Giants To make a room appear bigger and airier, fill it with light-colored furniture, window treatments and bedding, while draping walls,  floors and ceilings in a similar palette. Keep it tidy - allowing eyes an easy path to absorb the combination of all elements. Another  great trick: hang pictures of landscapes or abstracts with vanishing or receding perspective (like a pathway to a distant point) to give  the eye a greater sense of depth.